Welcome to Csonka All Tech Services!


At Csonka All Tech Services, LLC, we strive to give your machines the best performance possible.

We inspect:

  • Fuel Systems
  • Cooling Systems
  • AC/DC Control Circuitry
  • Power Transfer
  • Batteries Check, Fill, & Load Test
  • Daytank Operation
  • Complete All – points Inspections & Record
  • Documentation & Recommendations Provided

Full Service

Our Popular Full Service Maintenance Package Includes a Complete Inspection!


  • Oil and all filter replacements.
  • Test Operate all Safety Shutdowns
  • Coolant pH and Integrity test.
  • Oil Analysis and Trend
  • Fuel Analysis and Trend

Load Bank

Our Load Bank Services Provide:

  • Variable % Loading
  • Full Temperature Operation
  • Operation Trend Record

Load Bank Aids Prevention of:

  • Wet Stacking
  • Fouled Rings
  • Piston Detonation
  • Dry Bearings
  • Carboning of Cylinders & Exhaust Fuel Oil Dilution
  • Water Contamination of Lube Oil

Load Banks Maintain:

  • Oil Around Main Bearings
  • Cooling System from Corrosion
  • Proof Test of all Engine Systems

Fuel Cleaning

Fuel Cleaning includes :

  • Filtering the fuel in your tank to remove any “algae” buildup and water
  • Adding fuel treatment if needed

What happens to diesel tanks?

  • When diesel sits in a tank for an extended period of time “algae” can grow due to the separation of the water diesel is mixed with. The amount of bacteria that grows in your diesel is based off age, temperature, and humidity.
  • Diesel “algae” feeds off the fuels hydrocarbons and release a by-product as a result. This by-product greatly reduces your fuel’s stability and you will get a thick layer of sludge which can clog your engines fuel filters.
  • Diesel “algae” can also corrode your fuel tank from the inside out. This is due to the by-product of the bacteria being acidic.

What do we recommend?

  • Commercial: Quarterly services include 3 inspections and 1 full service a year
  • Residential: Bi-Annual which includes one inspection and 1 full service in 6 month intervals